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♦ Mechanical inspection – including the motor/blower unit, vibration mountings, switch functions, gaskets, pre-filters and HEPA filters.
♦ Check for system integrity – challenge for filter leakage to AS 1807.6, AS 1807.7
♦ Ensure the work area is not violated by room air – test for induced air leakage in the work area.
♦ Prevent cross contamination in the work area – check and adjust air velocity and uniformity of airflows.
♦ Establish HEPA filter life expectancy and performance – measure static pressure of filters and electronic motor current.
♦ Check environment factors – measure rlight output, sound level and germicidal ultra-violet lamp efficiency.
♦ Repair and adjust to specification – when necessary, and wherever possible,
on-site repairs are included in our service.
♦ Certify that the performance meets Australian Standard specifications – a certificate of compliance, which is issued under the terms of Contamination Control Laboratories’ registration by NATA, is available following the completion of each service program. Additionally, a full report is issued which shows the results of each test and the accuracy of the results.