Laminar Flow Cabinets


The LFC Series fume cabinet is a compact, recirculating fume cabinet that has been designed to provide operator safety and ease of use in laboratory applications. Capture of fumes is achieved by inward airflow at a velocity of > 0.5 m/s and carbon filtration of exhaust air.

The upper housing contains the mains switch, low-airflow alarm, speed control and carbon filter.


Cabinets are supplied with an open base and can be positioned over an existing utility such as a sink or be placed directly on to a flat bench. The LFC cabinets are available in three widths; 600mm (LFC60), 900mm (LFC90) and 1200mm (LFC120).

An optional work tray, manufactured from polypropylene, is available if containment of spills is required. A trolley stand is also available as an option across the LFC cabinet range.

The standard activated-carbon filter filter is suitable for use with a wide range of common laboratory fumes. Special-purpose carbon filters for specific applications are available to order.


ConstructionBaked Enamel Coated Module
WindowClear Perspex
Spillage TrayOptional polypropylene
Electrical Supply240V, 50Hz
ControlMains Power On/Off
MonitoringAlarm for Airflow and Filter Condition
Airflow 200 m3/h
Face Velocity>0.5 m/s
Carbon filter no. and Mass LFC601 x 4kg
Carbon filter no. and Mass LFC90 and LFC1202 x 4kg
Noise level58 dB (A)


Overall Height800mm800mm800mm
Working Height500mm500mm500mm
Work Area580 x 520mm580 x 820mm580 x 1120mm

On-Site Testing

Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets are factory tested and certified by a NATA- Accredited laboratory. Additional testing and certification is recommended as follows:

  • On site prior to use
  • After maintenance
  • After filter replacement
  • After re-location
  • At least annually
  • In special circumstances, e.g. if faultyoperation is suspected.