Biological Safety Cabinets

CCL Presents the Ultrasafe Series Class II BSC

Ultrasafe Class II Biological Safety Cabinets are manufactured in Australia and designed to meet the stringent requirements of Australian Standard AS 2252.2.

AS 2252.2 contains strict construction and performance requirements that all Class II BSC’s should adhere to in order to go on sale within Australia.

AS 2252.2 goes a bit further too. The standard also sets out requirements for on going yearly performance review and calibration procedures for all Class II BSC’s


Contamination Control Laboratories Class II Biological Safety Cabinets.

Safety and Reliability

Ultrasafe cabinets feature a touch pad control system and a convenient LCD display that provides the operator with simple to read notifications. The S2000 control system is a proven technology that was first introduced in to Class II Biological Safety Cabinets in the early 1990’s. The S2000 system has been constantly developed over the years to become what is now one of the simplest yet safest controllers for this type of equipment.

Ultrasafe cabinets will maintain constant airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction from foreign objects. Pressure sensor monitoring ensures safe and uniform airflow across the entire work surface of the cabinet. Independent alarm systems, both visually and audibly, immediately alert the user to any airflow obstruction or drop in safe operating conditions.

User Comfort

User discomfort and ergonomic hazards associated with traditional BSCs include working in a static, extended posture, limited visibility at the sight line and lack of knee/leg space under the cabinet.

The new Ultrasafe cabinet is designed with a sloping front, work tray options and electric height-adjustable stand to offer significantly improved ergonomics compared to a traditional cabinet.

The comfortable, 200mm front working aperture on the Ultrasafe does not compromise safety or sample containment while significantly reducing noise level. All our cabinets have been tested at nominal airflow velocities for added security.

The viewing window can be fully raised to facilitate easy access for cleaning or to install or remove equipment from the work zone. The work zone interior is constructed from 304 grade Stainless Steel and polished to a 2B finish. Using a stainless steel of this grade ensures that the work zone is resistant to most harmful cleaning agents that are often used in laboratories.


High-efficiency filters and fans deliver quiet operation and safety. Negative pressure zones surround all positive pressure areas, eliminating the possibility of contaminated air bypassing the filter or escaping from the cabinet. Outer shells are gas-tight for safe decontamination.

In operation, vertical laminar airflow through a HEPA filter bathes the work tray, dividing and passing around the perimeter to create a biologically clean work area.

An air barrier across the work access opening, into the sump, reduces potential risks to personnel from airborne contaminants in the work zone.

HEPA filters are H14 or 99.995% efficient when tested against a 0.3um aerosol source, ensuring discharge air is free from any contaminants

The Ultrasafe Dual Fan Design allows the individual control of Air Barrier and Laminar Flow settings. This is the safest way of operating a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet. The deep bed HEPA filters provide greatly extended service life in comparison to cabinets that utilise space-saving mini-pleat HEPA filters.



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